Unveiling the Excellence of Viltrox UV Ultra-slim Filters

Unveiling the Excellence of Viltrox UV Ultra-slim Filters

In the realm of photography, the use of filters has become a nuanced art that enhances the quality and versatility of the images captured. Among the plethora of filters available, Viltrox UV filters stand out as indispensable tools for photographers seeking optimal lens protection and image clarity. In this blog post, we delve into the world of Viltrox UV filters, exploring their unique features and highlighting their importance in various shooting scenarios.

Understanding filters:

Filters come in a variety of shapes and serve a variety of functions, from square and circular filters to magnetic, rear-mount, built-in, mobile, aerial, and action camera filters. Of these, circular filters, especially front-mounted ones, are the most commonly used in everyday photography.

Functionality of filters:

Filters are categorized based on their functions, including UV protection filters, ND/GND/adjustable ND filters, CPL polarizing filters, black/white soft filters, focusing filters, anti-glare/narrow band filters, silk filters, infrared restoration filters, underwater filters, and more.

What is a UV Filter?

UV filters, originally designed for film and CCD cameras, were intended to block ultraviolet light below 390nm. With modern cameras incorporating anti-UV coatings, UV filters now primarily serve a protective role. Viltrox UV filters, equipped with advanced features, go beyond mere protection.

Viltrox UV Filter Lens Features:

1. Double-sided Nano 18-layer high transmittance coating:

With a remarkable 99.5% high light transmission and minimal 0.3% surface reflectance, Viltrox's nano coating ensures uniform light transmission, color balance and reduced surface reflections. The color of the coating, influenced by light of different wavelengths, minimizes reflection and presents a distinctive blue hue.


2. Hydrophobic and Oleophobic Coatings:

The filter surface is treated with hydrophobic and oleophobic layers. The hydrophobic layer repels water, causing droplets to bead up and roll off without leaving a trace, while the oleophobic layer resists oil, maintaining a clean surface.

3. Lens matting process:

Viltrox uses a professional matte black coating on the sides of the filter, coupled with high-precision spin coating. This minimizes stray light and significantly improves image clarity and quality.

Viltrox UV Filter Frame Characteristics:

1. Aerospace grade precision aluminum alloy:

Manufactured with precision CNC machining, the filter frame features light weight, high strength, corrosion resistance, and excellent heat and cold resistance.

2. 3.2mm Ultra-Thin Outer Ring Design:

The 3.2mm ultra-thin outer ring is designed for use with wide-angle lenses, ensuring no vignetting. The filter's card slot structure ensures a secure fit, preventing lens misalignment and flaring.

3. Anti-slip grooves:

The outer curvature of the filter frame features unique groove patterns that enhance grip during installation and removal, ensuring a comfortable user experience.


Ideal shooting scenarios:

Viltrox UV filters are essential in environments with snow, steam, seawater, fog, dust and sand. They protect against potential lens damage and allow for worry-free cleaning in challenging conditions.

Non-ideal shooting scenarios:

In situations with strong backlighting, especially when using telephoto lenses, UV filters can cause glare. For critical image quality requirements, it's advisable to remove the UV filter in such scenarios.


Viltrox UV filters are proving to be essential companions for photographers, offering not only protection but also a range of advanced features to enhance image quality. Whether capturing the serenity of snowy landscapes or braving the harsh conditions of sandy deserts, Viltrox UV filters prove their worth in a variety of shooting scenarios. Enhance your photography with the precision and excellence of Viltrox UV filters.

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