Viltrox H18 LED Stick Light: Versatile and Powerful

Viltrox H18 LED Stick Light: Versatile and Powerful

If you are looking for a versatile and powerful LED light for your video or photography projects, you might want to check out the Viltrox H18 LED double-sided stick light. This light has some amazing features that make it stand out from other LED lights on the market.

Two-sided light source with different modes

One side has a bi-color mode that allows you to adjust the color temperature from 2500K to 6800K, simulating different ambient effects. The other side has an RGB full-color mode that lets you choose any color from the HSL/RGB/COL modes, playing with colors and creativity.

Color temperature

Multiple ways of control

The light supports three kinds of control methods: panel control, WeeylitePro app, and wireless remote control. You can also link it with other lights for more complex lighting setups.Smart dimming panel with an infinite rotating wheel. That lets you switch between the bi-color and RGB modes with one button, and adjust the brightness and color with ease. The light has a high CRI of 95+, which means it can reproduce natural and accurate colors. The maximum illuminance of the light is 2770LX (5600K/full power/0.7m), which is enough to light up your subject or scene.

H18 weeylitePro app control

26 FX scene modes

that can create various lighting effects such as fireworks, bonfires, candlelight, etc. You can control each LED bead’s on/off, brightness, and color, and combine different effects to achieve your desired result.

H18 FX scene modes

PC curved light tube

The tube softens and evens out the light, making it ideal for portraits, skin tones, and beauty shots. control the barn door that helps you shape and direct the light, controlling the light range and angle.

1/4 universal screw hole on both ends

The light is very flexible and easy to mount. Both universal screws allow you to attach it to a tripod, stand, or bracket. You can also use it handheld or as a selfie stick.

H18 easy to mount

Stable output

192 LED beads use a new algorithm system that prevents light decay and ensures consistent and high-quality output. a built-in battery and an DC adapter. The battery can last for 2 hours in constant light and 5500K CCT mode, and 3 hours in full power RGB mode with red light. The DC adapter can provide continuous power for longer shoots.

H18 light beads

The Viltrox H18 LED double-sided stick light is a great choice for anyone who wants a versatile, powerful, and creative LED light for their video or photography projects. It can help you create stunning effects and atmospheres with its bi-color and RGB modes, smart dimming panel, FX scene modes, diffuser and barn door accessories, flexible mounting options, wireless control methods, and long-lasting battery life.

If you are interested in buying this light, you can find it on Amazon or on the official Viltrox website. You can also watch some reviews and demos of this light on YouTube.

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