Fujifilm XS20 Series: Camera Lens Matching Guide

Fujifilm XS20 Series: Camera Lens Matching Guide

Fujifilm has debuted its enhanced midrange APS-C mirrorless model, the 26MP Fujifilm X-S20. This interchangeable lens camera has improved video features and a new vlog mode but doesn't stray from the original very much. The X-S20 retains the deep grip, approachable design, plentiful ports, and in-body image stabilization of the X-S10 making for a well-rounded new camera for beginners and intermediate shooters alike.

The Fujifilm X-S20 is a great camera, and Viltrox has also launched many excellent lenses. Let’s see how to match them up.

Scenery Street Shot Lens Recommendation

Fujifilm XS20  Camera Lens Matching

AF 75mm F1.2 XF Pro

AF13/23/33/56 mm F1.4 XF

AF 85mm F1.8II XF

Super Aperture

Super aperture

Pro flagship series New lens benchmark F1.2 super extensive aperture ultimate bokeh experience

Explore more possibilities in the dark night

Clear and sharp super-resolution within the focal length Phenomenal sharp image quality

Eye and face autofocus support


Ultra wide

XF series flagship ultra wide angle lens F1.4 large aperture, 9 aperture blades, 11 groups of 14 optical structure design

Outstanding high resolution with low chromatic dispersion

Closest focusing distance of 0.22m for excellent close-up performance

13mm focal length combination for vlogging or astrophotography has excellent performance

Outstanding imaging system

Outstanding imaging system

Viltrox Three Musketeers fashion street photography combination 23/33/56mm

Covering the mainstream focal length of image creation

Easy to create your own photography system

F1.4 large aperture "bokeh" "night scene"

STM step focus motor is quiet, smooth, and fast 260g lightweight design

Portrait Photography

Portrait Photography

F1.8 large aperture creamy bokeh

Super detail depiction ability to magnify your beauty support eye AF focus fast and light

Stunning sharpness, center, and edge equally well

Composition is flexible and people are not bokeh even when placed at the edges



27mm Pro Flagship F1.2 Super Super Super Aperture

Autofocus Lens


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