Fusion of Vintage Elegance: Exploring Retro 08X and Retro 12X LED Lights

Fusion of Vintage Elegance: Exploring Retro 08X and Retro 12X LED Lights

In the ever-evolving landscape of lighting solutions, Viltrox has recently introduced two standout products that redefine portable LED lighting—Retro 08X and Retro 12X. Let's delve into the unique features and specifications.

Professional Color Accuracy:

Equipped with RGB full-color capabilities, the Retro Series offers an impressive 36000-color range, ensuring precise and detailed color reproduction. The Retro 08X and Retro 12X both feature a wide color temperature range from 2500K to 8500K, allowing for flexible adjustments between warm and cool tones.

retro display

The Retro 08X and Retro 12X exhibit exceptional color rendering capabilities with a Color Rendering Index (CRI) of ≥95 and Television Lighting Consistency Index (TLCI) of ≥95 for Retro 08X and ≥97 for Retro 12X. True color reproduction is achieved, making visuals authentic and appealing.

Extended Battery Life:

The Retro Series is not only efficient in luminosity but also in energy consumption. With high-quality LED beads, the Retro 08X and Retro 12X deliver a maximum illumination of 600lux and 1350lux, respectively. The efficient energy usage provides a substantial battery life, with the Retro 08X lasting approximately 3.5 hours at 100% power and the Retro 12X lasting around 2 hours at full power.

Versatile Power Options:

Featuring dual power supply options, the Retro Series can be powered by the built-in battery or external Type-C connection, providing flexibility for various scenarios. Moreover, the Retro 12X doubles as a power bank, supporting the charging of Android devices on the go.

Elegance in Form:

The Retro Series stands out with its unique retro-futuristic design. The combination of delicate leather textures and robust matte metal frames pays homage to classic aesthetics while maintaining a contemporary edge. The compact and lightweight build of the Retro 08X and Retro 12X ensures easy portability.

Smart Control with WeeyLitePro:

The Retro Series supports the WeeylitePro intelligent lighting control system. With a user-friendly app, buttons, and a remote control, users can effortlessly master light adjustments. The series also allows for multi-light grouping, enabling intricate light combinations for diverse creative scenarios.

Effortless Operation and Customization:

Featuring a range of 26 lighting effects and six groups with 19 channels, the Retro Series opens up a realm of possibilities for creative lighting setups. The three-second dimming capability, along with intuitive controls and a clear display screen, ensures swift and precise adjustments.

Attention to Detail:

The Retro Series pays attention to the finer details, including 1/4 screw holes and Arri positioning holes for enhanced stability. The matte high-transparency panel and the inclusion of a soft light diffuser with the Retro 12X contribute to even and gentle lighting.


Viltrox Retro Series, represented by the Retro 08X and Retro 12X, is a testament to the harmonious blend of vintage aesthetics and cutting-edge technology. These versatile LED lights cater to the demands of modern creators, offering a perfect synthesis of style and functionality. Whether you are a professional photographer, filmmaker, or content creator, the Retro Series is here to illuminate your creative journey with its timeless appeal and innovative features.

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There was no included soft diffuser. You guys got me out here using coffee filters and other improvised diffusion techniques. Don’t even have the silicon diffuser available for purchase eh? What happened to the attention to detail?


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