Exploring Boundaries: Viltrox AF 16mm F1.8 FE Lens Review

Exploring Boundaries: Viltrox AF 16mm F1.8 FE Lens Review

In the ever-evolving world of photography and videography, the Viltrox AF 16mm F1.8 FE lens stands out as a beacon of innovation and performance. Designed for full-frame enthusiasts, this ultra-wide-angle lens delivers a myriad of features that cater to a broad spectrum of applications, from starry skies to vlogging, landscape photography to sports action.

Optical Quality

At the heart of the Viltrox 16mm lens lies a 12-group, 15-element optical structure that translates into an exceptional resolving power. The lens excels in providing outstanding image quality both at the center and edges, even wide open at F1.8. The sweet spot for optimum results is found between F4 and F8, where the lens showcases its prowess with minimal distortion and impressive color control.

Chromatic aberration is superbly managed, and color dispersion is remarkably low. Any noticeable dark corners at full aperture are well within acceptable limits and can be effortlessly corrected, making everyday shooting a hassle-free experience. The lens also exhibits a negligible breathing effect, ensuring a steady angle of view during focusing—a boon for videographers.


Comparison of image quality between the center and the edge under different apertures Even with the full aperture, there is not much difference between the center and the edge of the image quality, and the best image quality aperture is between F4 and F8.


Viltrox 16mm F1.8 aperture fully open, the star point coma at the edges is not much different than the Sony 14GM and is considerably better than the Sigma 14DG.


There is basically no glare produced in direct sunlight, not much difference from the Sony 14GM.


Distortion Distortion


Extremely close focusing distance of 0.27m, with a large F1.8 aperture for an ultra-wide-angle bokeh experience.

Operating System

Lens info color screen

AF/MF switch button

CLICK Aperture ringQuicker and more direct switching between different focusing modes, indispensable for video shooting or star photography.


The Viltrox 16mm F1.8 FE lens stands out as a compelling option for Sony E-mount users seeking an affordable wide-angle prime lens. Its combination of excellent optical performance, robust build quality, and fast autofocus make it a versatile tool for a range of photography styles. Whether you're capturing sweeping landscapes, shooting in low light, or experimenting with creative compositions, the Viltrox 16mm F1.8 FE lens proves to be a reliable and cost-effective choice.

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Hi Emmanuel, I have the same issue – did you work it out if it was faulty?

Mick Jones

When will the Z-mount version will be available?


Hi. Now that Canon are allowing 3rd party lens makers to include the RF mount, will Viltrox bring out an RF mount in the 16mm af 1.8 soon???
Thank you.

George Smith

I just got my Viltrox 16mm f1.8 and tried it with my Sony a7III.
First thing I noticed is that I cannot use the camera to change or control my f stops, I have to manually turn the f-stop ring to change it. I have several lenses by Sigma and I never had problems with changing f-stops.
Did I get a faulty lens or am I missing something?


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