Explore the Viltrox AF 40mm F2.5 Z: “Entry” level Full-frame Lens

Explore the Viltrox AF 40mm F2.5 Z: “Entry” level Full-frame Lens

Welcome the new addition to the Viltrox Air series, the Viltrox AF 40mm F2.5 Z Lens!

1. STM Stepping Motor

Capture fleeting moments with a fast and accurate autofocus system.

The Viltrox AF 40mm F2.5 Z features an STM stepping motor that ensures quiet and precise focusing, whether you're shooting photos or videos. The fast start-up time makes it easy to use even for beginners, allowing you to enjoy the of photography anytime, anywhere.

Nikon zf camera with viltrox af 40mm f2.5 z lens

2. Lightweight and Portable

Lightweight and compact for easier, more efficient, and more comfortable operation, providing a more stable support for handheld shooting.

The lightweight design of the Viltrox AF 40mm F2.5 Z makes it even lighter than a mobile phone, making it easy to carry around. Its size is only about the size of a palm, making it easy to put in your pocket and record the wonderful moments in life anytime, anywhere. For Vlog shooting, the lightweight design makes operation more comfortable and handheld shooting more stable.

lightweight Viltrox 40mm F2.5 Z lens

3. 40mm Human Eye Angle of View

Suitable for a variety of subjects such as street photography, still life photography, and environmental portraits, providing a richer photographic experience.

The 40mm focal length is close to the human eye angle of view, making the Viltrox AF 40mm F2.5 Z suitable for a variety of shooting scenarios, whether it's street photography or still life photography. Its ideal focal length and lightweight design make it an ideal choice for travel and everyday shooting.

4. High-Quality Image Performance

Compatible with full-frame mirrorless cameras, providing high resolution, true color reproduction and clear image quality.

The Viltrox AF 40mm F2.5 Z utilizes high-quality optical components, including aspherical lenses, high-refractive-index lenses, and special high-definition nano multilayer coatings, to ensure image sharpness and color accuracy. Whether shooting still images or recording videos, you can achieve satisfactory results.

lens Performance

5. Large F2.5 Aperture

Soft and dreamy background bokeh adds an artistic touch to your work.

The F2.5 large aperture of the Viltrox AF 40mm F2.5 Z can produce soft background bokeh effects, adding an artistic atmosphere to your work. The large aperture can also effectively highlight the subject, making it stand out in complex environments, while providing clearer and cleaner images in low light conditions.

large apture

With its many features, from lightweight and portable to high-quality image performance to fast and accurate autofocus, the Viltrox AF 40mm F2.5 Z is an ideal choice for both photography enthusiasts and professional photographers. Whether it's for everyday shooting or professional creation, it can meet your various needs and allow you to easily capture every precious moment.

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