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Nikon Rumors: Anticipation of Nikon Z6 III release in Q1 2024


According to recent reports from overseas media Nikon Rumors, Nikon is poised to unveil its latest camera, the Z6 III, in the first quarter of next year. The leaked information provides a glimpse into the potential features and improvements over its predecessor, the Z6 II.

Key specifications:

1. 24.5-megapixel full-frame back-illuminated sensor:

The Z6 III is rumored to feature a 24.5-megapixel full-frame back-illuminated sensor, promising improved image quality and low-light performance.

2. Ergonomic Design:

A significant design evolution is expected, with a more ergonomic form factor that follows the natural contours of the human body, providing a comfortable and user-friendly experience.

3. Support for 6K video recording:

Videographers will be pleased to learn that the Z6 III is expected to support 6K video recording, a notable upgrade from its predecessor.

4. Pixel Shift High-Resolution Mode:

The inclusion of a Pixel Shift High-Resolution mode suggests that the camera may offer an advanced imaging feature, potentially resulting in sharper and more detailed photos.

5. Improved Burst Shooting Speed:

Reportedly, the Z6 III will have a faster burst shooting speed compared to the Z6 II, ensuring that photographers can capture fast-paced action with precision.

6. Advanced autofocus system:

With similarities to the autofocus system found in the Z8, the Z6 III is expected to offer a high-performance focusing system for fast and accurate focusing.

7. Mechanical and Electronic Shutter:

Offering versatility, the Z6 III is rumored to feature both mechanical and electronic shutters, providing photographers with options based on their shooting preferences.

8. Compact body size:

While the Z6 III is said to have a slightly larger body size compared to the current Z6 and Z6 II models, it remains significantly smaller than the larger Z8 model.

Comparisons to Sony Z9H:

Despite earlier rumors of Sony's high-speed camera, the Z9H, it appears that Nikon may take the lead with the release of the Z6 III. The specifics of the Z6 III's new design and any differences in handling and ergonomics remain unknown.


As photography enthusiasts eagerly await the official release of the Nikon Z6 III, these leaked specifications suggest a camera that combines improved features with user-friendly design elements. The upcoming first quarter of the new year promises to be an exciting time for Nikon enthusiasts and the photography community at large. Stay tuned for more updates as we await the unveiling of this highly anticipated camera.

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