Camera with Viltrox battery

V-Mount camera Battery Viltrox BV-99

 Viltrox BV-99 camera battery is a high-quality rechargeable lithium battery designed specifically for cameras. It provides stable and long-lasting power support for your camera, ensuring that you can have longer shooting time and greater flexibility during the shooting process. Here are the product features.

1. Multiple Types of Ports

Viltrox camera battery ports
Type-C input/output (5V/3A;9V/3A;12V/3A;15V/3A;20V/2.25A)
USB output (5V/3A;9V/2A;12V/1.5A)
D-TAP input/output X2 (Dual DP interface) (16.8V/5A; 16.8-11V/10A)
BP port output 16.8-11V/10A (MAX).

2. Efficient charge and discharge

Viltrox camera battery display

PD45w Multi-type compatible
-USB-C interface bi-directional PD45w input and output high power powerful fast charging
45W 2.5h full charge
-Camera/monitor/infinite picture transfer/video light/cell phone/laptop
LCD display
Knowing the power level
Real-time current/voltage display.

3. Small size and large capacity

Viltrox battery size compare iphone

50*73*115mm 550g light and easy to carry
6700mAh large capacity can be carried on the plane.

 4.Security Protection

battery protection

BMS intelligent control chip Battery intelligent management system Adaptive voltage/ current regulation.

9 circuit protectionOver-voltage protection.

Short-circuit protection

Over-current protection

Recovery protection

Electromagnetic field protection

Over-power protection

Over-discharge protection

Overshoot protection

Short-circuit protection

PC heat-resistant and flame-retardant material.

If you want to know more details, click the link to enter the Viltrox store.

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