Viltrox H18 RGB LED Stick Light Tutorial

Viltrox H18: Dual-Sided Design, Colorful Creativity

This stick features a double-sided design with dual-color temperature LED beads on one side and RGB LED beads on the other, making it perfect for photographers and videographers looking to add some creative lighting to their shoots.

In this post, we'll take a closer look at some of the creative scenes you can create with the H18, along with its various settings and how to control it using a Bluetooth app.

Fashion shoot

H18 neon party vibe with model
1. Place ten lights around the model.
Set up ten lights

2. Set each light to RGB cycle mode.

3. Each light cycles through a different hue.

You will enjoy fun rainbow effects and a top neon party atmosphere.

Micro Movie

Moody scene
1. Have two lights ready, the fill light is behind the camera.
Light beam and fill light
2. Another shines a beam of light on the model's eyes.
Black aluminum foil

3. Apply black wrap (black foil) to the top of the barn door to shape the light into a thinner and narrower one.

Limited lighting creates more unpredictable scenes.

Music video

Installed a top light on a C stand

1. Place an overhead light on a C stand and narrow the beam with the barn door.

2. Place four lights without the barn door in the background.

Filled the studio with a smoke

3. The studio is filled with a rich hazy atmosphere.

Use of a prism in front of the lens

4. Use a prism in front of the lens to create reflections and make the scene appear larger.

You get a cyberpunk lighting effect then

Small spaces or product shots

group A and group B

1. Four H18 are set as ABCD four groups.

2. Group A is our background light.

group B group C group D

3. Group B is the character's overhead light, and Group C is the front key light that illuminates the character.

4. Group D is our backlight, set it to orange.

create a little bit of low-hanging fog

5. Use a little smoke machine and create a little bit of low-hanging fog.

This lighting setup is also great for product shots because it allows for individual control of the lights.

Video Demo


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