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Viltrox EPIC Anamorphic 35mm/50mm/75mm T2.0 1.33X Cine Lens PL/E/L Mount

Viltrox EPIC Anamorphic 35mm/50mm/75mm T2.0 1.33X Cine Lens PL/E/L Mount

7 total reviews

  • T2.0 constant aperture
  • 1.33X constant squeeze ratioFrom far to near, ensure that the image distortion ratio is consistent
  • Beautiful bokeh and oval light spots are vividly displayed
  • 1.33X constant squeeze ratioFrom far to near, ensure that the image distortion ratio is consistent
  • Front end adapted to 95mm matte box
  • Color saturation Retro pure color restoration
  • Consistent optical performance Same character and gear position design

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Anamorphic Cinema Lenses

EPIC Series feature Impressive Image Expression,Retro Pure Color Reproduction, 1.33x Constant Squeeze Ratio, Constant Aperture, Consistent Optical Performance & "Zero" Breathing Effect.

Full Frame Anamorphic Cinema Lenses

It truly combines the optical quality of a spherical lens with the artistic characteristics of an anamorphic lens. It is widely practical and unique, making it a new choice among anamorphic lenses.

Perfect for Every Shot

T2.0 constant aperture with beautiful bokeh and oval light spots. 1.33X constant squeeze ratio for consistent image distortion. Front end fits 95mm matte box. Retro pure color restoration. Same character and gear design.

Retro Pure Color Reproduction

Delicate and soft image performance, presenting retro charm, pleasant skin color expression, presenting a texture that is completely different from normal lenses.

T2.0 Constant Aperture Soft and Natural Bokeh

T2.0 constant aperture design, beautiful bokeh and oval light spots are vividly presented, the inner and outer focus are as smooth and natural as cream, achieving impressive expressions.

Impressive Expression

Viltrox Epic series lenses feature excellent optical design, covering full-frame sensor cinema cameras.Can obtain vivid and delicate image performance from the center to the edge of the frame.

1.33X Constant Squeeze Ratio Unique Glare Brushed Effect

1.33X constant squeeze factor,refined optical design,from near to far,to ensure consistent image distortion ratio.Blue brushed, presented in an appropriate form.

Wider Field of View Easy to Shoot Movies

The brown area is the expanded images using Epic series lenses.

Expert Full Frame Cinema Lens

Pair text with an image to focus on your chosen product, collection, or blog post. Add details on availability, style, or even provide a review.

Focus on Details Considerate Design

2.35:1  Movie Widescreen Effect

EPIC series lenses effectively reduce the angle of view change when focusing, and the breathing effect is barely noticeable when the focus is adjusted.

Complete R&D Planning Consistent Optical Performance

Sharing same character,gear position design and center of gravity,unnecessary to adjust the lens repeatedly.

Part Identification

Equipped with An Air Transport Level Lens Protection Case

Special protective case for Epic series lenses, strong and resistant to pressure. It is easy to carry when going out to shoot, and can better protect the lens.

Standard Package

Product Information

Specification 25 T2.0 35 T2.0 50 T2.0 75 T2.0 100 T2.0
Camera Mount PL E/L/PL E/L/PL E/L/PL PL
Format Compatible Frames FF FF FF FF FF
L ens Elements 22/18 19/13 18/12 18/13 18/13
Focal Length 25mm 35mm 50mm 75mm 100mm
Aperture Range T2.0-T22 T2.0-T22 T2.0-T22 T2.0-T22 T2.0-T22
Number of Aperture Blades 8 8 8 8 8
Minimum Focus Distance 1'8ft 2'7ft 2'7ft 3'3ft 2'9ft
Squeeze Ratio 1.33X 1.33X 1.33X 1.33X 1.33X
Field Angle Horizontal 91.2° 69.5° 52.3° 35.3° 28.2°
Vertical 60.0° 37.8° 27.2° 17.8° 14.0°
Diagonal 97.2° 76.2° 57.8° 39.4° 31.4°
Aperture Control Manual (ring can be rolaled at 63") Manual (ring can be rolated at 63") Manual (rng can be rolatled at 63") Manual (ing can be rolated at 63°) Manual (ring can be rolaled at 637)
Focus Control Manual(ring can be rolated at 290*) Manual(ring can be rolated at 290*) Manual(ring can be rolated at 290*) Manual(ring can be rolated at 290*) Manual(ring can be rolated at 290*)
(ring can be rolated at 290*) (ring can be rotated at 290*) (ring can be rolated at 290*) (ring can be rotated at 290*) (ing can be rotated at 290*)
Front-end Outer Diameter φ95mm φ95mm φ95mm φ95mm φ95mm
Gear Pitch (Aperture,Focus) 0.8M 0.8M 0.8M 0.8M 0.8M
L ens Dimension (Diameter"Length) E φ102x185.5mm φ102x167 .5mm φ102x167.5mm φ102x167, 5mm φ102x214mm
L φ102x183mm φ102x165mm φ102x165mm φ102x165mm φ102x211.5mm
PL φ102x151.6mm φ102x133mm φ102x133mm φ102x133mm φ102x180mm
Weight (Excluding Front and Back Lens Cover) E =2172.5g =2040g =2040g =2040g =2694g
L =2184.5g =2050g =2050g =2050g =2707g
PL =2024g =1980g =1980g =1980g =2690g

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
What about amber or neutral flares?

Still very much in love with these lenses! You got so many things right with those: No noticable focus breathing, no noticable CA, sharp yet so much (somehow clean) character, compelling set of focal lengths (25mm & 100mm just around the corner), extremly versitile for all kinds of work due to their squeeze factor (1.33x gives you a nice 2.4:1 aspect ratio on a 16:9 sensor and a nice 16:9 image if you shoot in a suiting Open Gate mode). And of course the price is just right. You almost made the perfect lens set for me. The only thing that bothers me is the blue streak flares. I just feel it is not an appropiate color in every situation (sunsets or the sun shining through leaves). Blue streak flares for me are much more associated with sci-fi movies than anything else and always feel a bit out of place (especially if the light source is a warm light source). I feel like if you would be able to get an alternative set out with neutral or amber flares, much more people (me included) would finally be pulling the trigger. I cant wait for them to be availible in rental houses in germany so that i can test them in depth. Or just hit me up and send them to me directly for testing 😁

Saroj Kumar Chauhan
Black Version Request

I would buy this lens if it was designed by Viltrox in black version as white to me doesn't look professional enough.

Amazing lenses, but needs two options

Amazing images and price is awesome, but please make them with filter threads and black version would be nice!

Ian Russell
Quality, versatile anamorphic lenses

The Viltrox Epic anamorphic lens set lives up to their great online reviews. Image character is easy to control, flare and bokeh never need be too dominant. Focus torque is now improved too and the lens build quality is high. I look forward to using these lenses creatively for many years to come.

Jacques Mulder
First week and won’t shoot on anything else…

Over the years I’ve had so many opportunities on so many different lenses, each with their own characteristics and each with their own uniqueness… in a week I’ve filmed with the lenses 4 times, absolutely in love with the depth and that the flair isn’t so blue, it’s delicate when controlled. But the winning factor, shoot on Red wide open and you see the true beauty…