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Viltrox AF 56mm F1.7 APS-C Lens For Fujifilm X-Mount

Viltrox AF 56mm F1.7 APS-C Lens For Fujifilm X-Mount

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AF 56 /1.7 XF/Z is an auto focus lens suitable for X-mount/Z-mount, with 11 elements in 9 groups.the focus distance is about 0.55m-∞, and noiseless STM focus motor can accurately control the moving position and bring accurate and smooth focusing.

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Auto Focus Large Aperture Portrait Lens

New Generation Lightweight Series

Golden Portrait Perspective

56mm F1.7 is a full-frame equivalent focal length of about 85mm, with a golden portrait perspective, bringing just the right three-dimensional sense of characters and background perspective.

New Generation Lightweight Series

56mm F1.7 XF/Z is Viltrox’s new generation of lightweight series autofocus large aperture mid-telephoto prime lens with higher cost performance.

Golden Focal Length

56mm F1.7 is a full-frame equivalent focal length of about 85mm, with a golden portrait perspective, bringing just the right three-dimensional sense of characters and background perspective.

STM Stepper Motor

Efficient and Reliable Autofocus Using STM silent motor to achieve precise and fast autofocus. Even novices can get started quickly.

Support Eye/Face AF

Whether it's video or photo, the joy is given by autofocus.

Lightweight Design

Compact/lightweight design brings portability, coupled with a retro and artistic appearance. It makes you more willing to take it with you and create more themes as you like.

Reliable video shooting with subtle breath effect

The 56mm F1.7 has comprehensive and reliable video shooting capabilities, supports camera body anti-shake, and has low distortion. The breathing effect is almost imperceptible when the focus changes, and the story on the screen is more immersive

Lightweight Compact and Portable

Made of specially made lightweight materials and lightweight design, you can hang it up and put it down with you from the streets to scenic spots to meet inspiration unexpectedly and capture the moment.

MTF Graph

Which is the Best for You?
Model AF 56/1.7 XF AF 56/1.7 Z
Lens Mount X-mount Z-mount
Focus Mode AF/MF AF/MF
Max.aperture F1.7 F1.7
Lens Elements 9/11 9/11
Focus Distance 0.55m~00 0.55m~00
Focus Mechanism Internal focus Internal focus
Max.magnification 0.11X 0.11X
Focus Length f=56mm(85mm) f=56mm(85mm)
Min.aperture F16 F16
Aperture Blade 9 9
Viewing Angle 29.8° 29.8°
Focus Motor STM+Lead screw STM+Lead screw
Filter Size φ52mm φ52mm
Lens Size X-mount: 65x 54.7mm Z-mount: p68x 55.9mm
Weight X-mount:=171g Z-mount:=187g

Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Amazing Value!

I took this lens on a vacation trip recently, the optical performance is insane for this amount of money.
Super crisp and only minor levels of distortion and focus breathing.
The focus wheel feels much nicer than other budget friendly 50mm primes I've tried.
Autofocus for stills works great, but for video it could use some further tweaking. Viltrox have been great in the past when it comes to improving AF with FW so I'm quite sure we'll get even more and better performance out of this lens with FW upgrades down the road.

I'm giving it 5 stars, not because its the absolute best 50-ish mm lens on the market. But if you consider the price and the performance it's certainly able to hold it's own. Even compared to more premium lenses in a lot of ways.
Well done Viltrox

Tian Xiang Tan
Good lens

Image is sharp and clear. Downsides is autofocus maybe a bit laggy, but not a big deal with the image quality produce. Recommended!

James Zhang
Good quality at very good price

I have Viltrox lens Fujifilm mount, 27MM F1.2, 75mm F1.2, now add 56mm F1.7.
All of them are very good. Looking forward to having Viltrox offer more F1.2 Pro Lens at affordable price in future.

Linda Johnston
Lens for Fujifilm X

I ordered the Viltrox AF 56mm for a Nikon Camera not for Fujifilm

Hilal Sonmez
Great value

Lens arrived in 2 weeks after ordering. It is lightweight and the build quality is very good for the price range. I took some sample photos to test it with my x-t3 and overall happy with the results. I can't really compare to others brands since I don't have the same lens length in other brands. But my fuji 23mm feels better optically with faster AF speed. Considering the price I paid the optical performance and the AF speed is superb. Highly recommended if you are in low budget or looking for a light lens with fast aperture and good image quality.