Viltrox AF 16mm F1.8 Z lens

A Must-Have Prime Lens for Nikon Z-Mount Users: The Viltrox AF 16mm F1.8

The Viltrox AF 16mm F1.8 Z is a versatile and powerful ultra-wide-angle prime lens designed for Nikon Z-mount cameras With its exceptional image quality, and affordable price, it has quickly become a favorite among photographers and videographers alike.

Key Features:

Ultra-wide-angle 16mm focal length

Capture expansive landscapes, stunning architectural shots, and immersive vlogs with this ultra-wide-angle lens.

Large F/1.8 aperture

 Excel in low-light conditions, create stunning bokeh effects, and control depth of field with precision thanks to the wide f/1.8 aperture.expand_more

Exceptional image quality

Enjoy sharp images with minimal distortion and chromatic aberration, even at wide open apertures.

STM motor for smooth and quiet autofocus

Capture sharp photos and videos with minimal noise thanks to the precise and quiet STM autofocus motor.

STM motor

Additional Features:

77mm filter thread

Attach a variety of filters to enhance your images, such as ND filters, polarizing filters, and UV filters.

Customizable function buttons

Assign frequently used functions to the two customizable function buttons for quick and easy access.

Weather-sealed construction

Protect your lens from dust, moisture, and harsh weather conditions with the weather-sealed construction.

Whether you're a landscape photographer, videographer, or everyday shooter, the Viltrox AF 16mm F1.8 Z is an excellent addition to your Nikon Z-mount camera system. Its exceptional image quality, versatile performance, and affordable price make it a must-have lens for any photographer.

Here are some of the benefits of using the Viltrox AF 16mm F1.8 Z lens:

Capture stunning landscapes

The ultra-wide-angle focal length is perfect for capturing breathtaking landscapes, allowing you to fit more of the scene into your frame.

Create immersive vlogs

The wide field of view is ideal for creating immersive vlogs that draw viewers into the scene.

Shoot in low light

The large f/1.8 aperture allows you to capture sharp images even in low light without the need for a flash.

Achieve beautiful bokeh

The wide aperture and rounded diaphragm blades create soft and pleasing bokeh effects, blurring the background and drawing attention to your subject.

Control depth of field

The wide aperture gives you precise control over depth of field, allowing you to isolate your subject or create a sense of depth in your images.

Overall, the Viltrox AF 16mm F1.8 Z is an outstanding ultra-wide-angle prime lens that offers exceptional value for money.

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